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First-Time Homebuyer

Buying your first home can be very exciting, but it can also be overwhelming at times. 

You've probably heard a lot of advice from friends or family on everything from where to buy to what color your new walls should be. There are so many different options, pros, cons and considerations that your motivation for buying a home in the first place can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. For this reason, many first-time home buyers enlist the services of an experienced real estate professional to advise them in finding the right home to fit their needs and goals.

Similarly, when it comes to finding a mortgage to pay for your new home, it is important to work with a trusted Mortgage Lender who can help you find a mortgage that works for your unique financial situation and goals.

A high-quality Mortgage Consultant will:

  • Operate under the highest standard of ethics and service

  • Look out for your best interests and desires

  • Be quick to respond and offer constant communication

  • Take as much time as needed to educate you on mortgage programs and processes

  • Introduce you to all available mortgage programs that can help you meet your short-and long-term goals

  • Support your final choice once you determine which mortgage is best for you

  • Remain transparent throughout the process

  • Answer questions before and after your mortgage closes

National Residential Mortgage offers the Fannie Mae Home Ready Mortgage for first time buyers. With as little as 3% down payment, we can help you buy your dream home.

The Mortgage Lenders at National Residential were selected because of their depth of experience, professionalism, integrity and commitment to excellence. Contact us today to determine the best mortgage option for you and your financial situation. For more information, contact us now.